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Do you want a tighter figure, more energy or just improve your overall fitness? We will guide you through our livestyle coaching. This can be done in many unique forms. Every person is different. You can achieve your goal by eating responsibly, exercising sufficiently and actively and by mental fitness. 

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To be able to perform well, you need the right nutrition. A sports diet helps you achieve better sports performance and a faster recovery. By looking at your training schedule and the duration, intensity and training times of your training sessions, we provide customized sports advice.


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Meet Yolanda.


I am Yolanda Roberts, 27 years old and living in Bolton.  In 2015 I successfully completed the Nutrition & Dietetics course at Mitchuschi University of Applied Sciences. During my ‘dietistic acting’ internship I was working at Gaia-Np in practice, it clicked. That is why I came to work here not long after I graduated. 

I have a lot of experience in guiding people with things like health problems such as overweight, wealth diseases like diabetes mellitus and sports nutrition. By experimenting with theories and a lot with nutrition, I know that it is feasible to measure a healthy lifestyle that will make you fitter, more energetic and happier. 

“As a dietitian, I want to motivate, inspire and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.”

Whats included

We provide the whole package around fitness and the health movement. You can read more below for more details, if you have any questions before getting started, please dont hesistate to contact us. We are available 24/7.


When preparing the personal sports diet, the correct distribution between carbohydrates, proteins, fats, moisture and the correct times at which you eat is considered. With our personalized coaching we therefore specifically take into account what you eat and drink before, during and after the training.

Children’s Dietetics

Being overweight in children is a growing problem. The temptation for children is much greater nowadays and that makes the choice to eat healthily more difficult. A different BMI (Body Mass Index) applies to children than to adults. In practice, we help your child learn what healthy and responsible choices are. 

Medical Advice

There are various reasons why you may need the professional guidance of a dietitian, because starting a diet is not something you just do. For example, you may be referred by a doctor or specialist for a medical reason. We are specialized in the various syndromes.


“I used to be unhappy with my weight. I tried every program out there but the results just wouldnt come, until I finally came across the health movement and since then everything changed. I am enjoying myself much more and the program is a lot of fun!”

Mary D. Hart

“Being part of this health movement has finally brought me my ideal body. I had trouble attracting men into my life, now I am feeling much more comfortable and confident with myself. I am grateful and would recommend to any other.”

Annie M. Sledge

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