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Group information for a small or large group of people with regard to a healthy lifestyle is possible. To reduce the absenteeism of your employees.


ABOUT Yolanda

I am Yolanda Roberts, 27 years old and living in Bolton.  In 2015 I successfully completed the Nutrition & Dietetics course at Mitchuschi University of Applied Sciences. During my ‘dietistic acting’ internship I was working at Gaia-Np in practice, it clicked. That is why I came to work here not long after I graduated. 

I have a lot of experience in guiding people with   health problems such as;

  • Overweight / Obesity
  • Wealth diseases such as; Diabetes mellitus,
  • and sports nutrition.

By experimenting with theories and a lot with nutrition, I know that it is feasible to measure a healthy lifestyle that will make you fitter, more energetic and happier. “As a dietitian, I want to motivate, inspire and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.”

“The health movement is one of the most popular gyms in the world.”

Do you want to take the performance of your entire team or club to the next level? Nutrition can be an important factor in this. For example, by analyzing and possibly adjusting the range of food in the sports canteen, or by providing group information, athletes can make a healthier choice if they want to eat something after their training or competition.

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 Are you overweight (BMI 25-30) or obese (BMI> 30)? A dietary advice tailored to your lifestyle and eating habits makes it easier to apply a diet in practice. Our dietitian guides you through this lifestyle change and maintaining your goal weight. If you are underweight or lost unwanted weight, it is then wise to contact a dietician to achieve weight gain in a responsible manner. As a dietitian, Linda G. Wood has many options for treating or preventing underweight or malnutrition.

We have succesfully transformed any kind of syndrom ranging from <20 to >40 BMI. We are certain to transform your life so you can become better in any are of  your life, starting with your fitness.


“I used to be unhappy with my weight. I tried every program out there but the results just wouldnt come, until I finally came across the health movement and since then everything changed. I am enjoying myself much more and the program is a lot of fun!”

Mary D. Hart

“Being part of this health movement has finally brought me my ideal body. I had trouble attracting men into my life, now I am feeling much more comfortable and confident with myself. I am grateful and would recommend to any other.”

Annie M. Sledge




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